Cirrus Link Solutions

Supported Network Architectures

chariot-stripeCHARIOT SCADA middleware infrastructure focuses on the industrial automation and Internet of Things market enabling the quick integration of data assets in SCADA and IIoT systems.  To meet the demands of IIoT and SCADA client requirements, the Chariot SCADA offering is available for installation on private, cloud based or both as shown below.





Cloud Only Solution

  • Instantly Scalable
  • Redundant
  • Secure
  • Hosted Ignition Gateway Service
  • No Software Purchase Required
  • Add and Grow Quickly and Easily
  • Low Monthly Recurring Pricing







Private On Premise Solution

  • Software Managed on Client Hardware Infrastructure
  • Redundant Configurations
  • Secure for Private Networks
  • Chariot SCADA & Ignition Software Licensing Required
  • No Recurring Monthly Costs






Hybrid, On Premise & Cloud Solution

  • Emergency Back-up and Redundant
  • High Availability
  • Secure
  • Scalable Across Multiple Amazon Zones
  • Get the best of both Solutions
  • Both Software Licensing and Monthly Recurring Costs