AWS Injector Module

The AWS Injector module easily connects any tag data from the Ignition into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.  With a simple configuration, tag data will flow into the AWS Kinesis Streams & Firehose or DynamoDB using an easy to read JSON representation to take full advantage of AWS and all the benefits it offers.  

  • Connects to any Ignition TAG Data
  • Easy to Configure
  • For use on the Ignition Gateway or Ignition Edge
  • Supports Store & Forward  

The diagram below shows how using the AWS Injector Module connects OT data into the AWS Web Services.  Data is streamed into AWS Kinesis for real-time, streaming or batch analytics.  For solutions using AWS Greengrass, please click here for information on the MQTT Transmission module.


For the tutorials, support and latest documentation, please go here.

Download the data sheet here: AWS Injector Module Data Sheet.