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IIoT Edge Gateways & Devices

Cirrus Link partners with industry leading and proven hardware vendors for the Chariot SCADA solutions.  We continually research and add new devices as they become available to the market to address our customer needs.  Please see our hardware solutions below.

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B+B SmartWorx – Founded in 1981, B+B SmartWorx provides intelligent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks. Specializing in device connectivity at the “edge” of networks in remote and demanding environments, B+B Smartworx developed the Wzzard Intelligent Sensing Platform to facilitate the coming world of connected intelligence, where machines and systems will collaborate, inform and make decisions based upon sensors data. Wzzard is an easy to use, complete wireless sensor connectivity platform for the rapid deployment of scalable, intelligent, reliable IoT networking in remote and demanding environments and applications.

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Technical Documentation



Technical Documentation

  • Energy Consumption
  • Condition Based Monitoring
  • Water Level, including irrigation systems, tank level, and flood control
  • Structural Systems Monitoring
  • Perimeter Access Control
  • Agricultural, including silo monitoring
  • Smart Parking Systems
  • Temperature and Environmental Monitoring
  • Ultra low power 802.15.4e SmartMesh IP technology
  • Communicates with Spectre Network Gateway via highly scalable and reliable wireless mesh networks
  • Internal Battery for Power for Easy deployment
  • Connects to industry standard analog or digital sensors
  • Configurable wireless with Bluetooth using Android tablets and smart phones
  • Rugged, IP66-rated, fiber reinforced polyester PBT enclosure
  • Class 1 DIV 2 approved for hazardous locations
  • Easily scale to hundreds of nodes
  • Advanced power-saving features and low power consumption
  • Run efficiently and autonomously






Elecsys Corporation  – is a leading provider of innovative M2M (machine-to-machine) technology solutions and custom electronics for critical industrial applications. Elecsys provides Cirrus Link with a portfolio of edge gateways enabling the Chariot SCADA platform.

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Redigate 100 Series

Redigate 400 Series



  • Cirrus Link Chariot SCADA
  • Edge-of-Network gateway
  • Data
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Industrial Networking Communications
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Real-time Data Acquisition
  • Protocol Converter
  • Report-by-Exception Functionality
  • MQTT for Message Oriented Middleware
  • Port Forwarding/Cellular Modem
  • Data Security and Encryption
  • Data Logger
  • Data Concentrator
  • Routing & Security
  • Cellular Connectivity (RediLinks)








EZAutomation, a division of the AVG Group, is a manufacturer and direct online seller of innovative low cost automation products made in America.  The AVG Group has been in business serving the automation industry since 1968.  In fact, Struther’s Dunn, a division of AVG, which later changed its name to Uticor, first invented the PLC for welding controls in the automotive industry.  The EZAutomation division was originally launched in 2001 with its introduction of the EZTouch® HMI/Operator Interface now used by over 35,000 companies.   Over the years, EZAutomation has designed hundreds of industrial automation products including PLCs, Power Supplies, Timers, and Industrial Panel PCs just to name a few, becoming a one stop shop, of affordable automation innovations, while proudly maintaining the “Made in America” campaign .

Product Description: The multi-functional EZRackPLC works as a full blown programmable logic controller with a FREE ladder logic software platform and/or Edge-of-Network and Gateway device that is Sparkplug MQTT Enabled.   It’s rugged construction and powerful CPU is ready for IIoT applications.  With a Sparkplug/MQTT enabled CPU and direct connectivity to external devices such as sensors, RTDs, analog inputs etc. as well as easy to setup built-in communications with Industrial Ethernet networks such as EtherNetI/P and Modbus TCP/IP, the EZRackPLC is ideal for data monitoring, M2M solutions and complete PLC/Process control.  


Products Applications Features



• Fully Loaded CPU with MQTT Sparkplug
+ 3 Base Rack for $248
• 16 Pt. Digital I/O Module Starts at $49
• 12 Pt. Analog I/O Module for $199

Click Here for Complete I/O Module Price List 

Download EZRackPLC Software Here

• Industrial PLC Control
• Industrial IoT Gateways
• Edge of Network Monitoring & Control
• Productivity Monitoring
• Machine Health Monitoring
• Data Acquisition
• Remote I/O
• IIoT & M2M

•  Sparkplug B Enabled for Connectivity to Inductive Automation Ignition Platform
•  Edge-Gateway Controller with Effortless Connectivity to Protocols such as:

  • EtherNet/IP,
  • Modbus RTU and TCP/IP Master/Slave Communications

•  Store & Forward Feature
•  Redundancy with Primary Host ID
•  PLC Ladder Logic Control
•  Real-time Data Acquisition
•  USB Data Logging
•  Advanced Math Function Blocks
•  Auto-tuned PID
•  Data Security with TLS/SSL Encryption & Username/Password Authentication
•  Analog I/O
•  Digital I/O
•  Specialty I/O








Hilscher – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH was founded in 1986. Today, the company has more than 260 employees at 10 locations worldwide. With the philosophy of continuous growth based on its own resources, the company is a reliable partner for its customers. All processes are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001.  The core competence of Hilscher is ASIC technology for fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet, as well as the development and production of industrial communication solutions for modern factory automation. Hilscher’s products range from PC cards, gateways, OEM plug-in modules to powerful ASICs including all main fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet protocol stacks.

Product Description:  The netIOT Edge gateways securely connect automation networks with cloud or any IoT application. As field devices, they perform cyclic I/O data exchange with the PLCs and IoT-capable field devices providing key field data sets for intelligent higher-level applications and M2M solutions. The netIOT gateways are highly secure with physical separation of the automation and IT network, built with a secure operating system, securely execute only signed firmware and packets with encryption techniques of the latest standards.

A web-based Thing Wiring Editor serves to model the data flow in the devices. Data apps and data profiles are created in minutes with predefined function blocks. OPC UA and MQTT functions address objects in IoT field devices or in the cloud over standardized IoT protocols.

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  • Plant Automation
  • Manufacturing
  • IIoT and M2M Applications
  • Industrial IoT gateways
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Control Systems
  • Effortless integration into the Industrial Ethernet network, such as EtherNet/IP or PROFINET, as standard field device
  • Fast modelling of the data flow between field and application with Thing Editor
  • Direct OPC UA / MQTT communication to IoT-capable EtherNet/IP and PROFINET devices parallel to the PLC
  • Trusted platform due to secure boot and encrypted SSL/TLS communications
  • Powerful platform for embedded cloud computing
  • Wireless access node for IoT field device configuration over apps






Magnetrol – For more than 80 years, Magnetrol® level controls and flow controls have been transforming industrial processes. As the innovator of the first magnetic liquid level switch and pioneer of today’s level and flow technology breakthroughs, MAGNETROL manufactures instrumentation that is more intelligent, more reliable and simpler to install and operate – making it far more easy for you to improve safety, drive efficiency and grow your business. 

Products Applications Features

Model 706 GWR

Technical Documentation


  • Industrial level control
  • Flow measurement or Interface detection
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Tanks Farming
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Process Controls
  • Sparkplug Enables Cellular Connectivity with Edge Gateway
  • Integrates with MQTT into Ignition
  • Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter
  • Displacer Level Transmitter
  • Thermal Mass Flowmeter
  • Ultrasonic Gap and Thermal Switches
  • Mechanical Level Switches






Moxa– Your Trusted Partner in Automation Moxa is a leading provider of edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solutions for enabling connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things. With over 25 years of industry experience, Moxa has connected more than 40 million devices worldwide and has a distribution and service network that reaches customers in more than 70 countries. Moxa delivers lasting business value by empowering industry with reliable networks and sincere service for industrial communications infrastructures. Information about Moxa’s solutions is available at

Product family and description:  UC-8112-LX-CG & UC-8112-ME-T-LX-LTE-US-CG
Moxa’s UC-8112-LX-CG is an embedded computing platform designed for large scale, Industrial IoT edge computing applications. It features an ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor and versatile communication interfaces. Coupled with Moxa’s ThingsPro Suite, it enables fast integration between the things in the field and the applications required for the Industrial IoT.

ThingsPro Suite is a set of software packages built on an open Debian Linux platform that enables the integration of Modbus communications, computing, data acquisition, and wireless networking in a few simple steps. Featuring Data Logger and Wireless Manager tools, it empowers users to focus primarily on their applications instead of the complex integration between things in the field and services in a centralized computing facility. Coupled with Cirrus Link’s MQTT spark plug MQTT protocol stacks, users now can easily map Modbus/TCP and Modbus RTU to Spark Plug MQTT while retaining Linux programmability for the Industrial IoT applications.

UC-8112-ME-T-LX-LTE-US is a more ruggedized version of the UC-8112-LX-CG. While UC-8112-LX-CG is designed for LAN-based industrial IoT applications, the UC-8112-ME-T-LX-LTE-US is designed to operate at -40C~70C environment with 4G LTE in operation.

Products Applications Features







  • Industrial IoT gateways
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Smart grid and AMI
  • Energy monitoring
  • Plug and play Modbus to Cirrus Link MQTT
  • Debian Linux operating system
  • C/Python APIs for Modbus data processing
  • Restful APIs for ease of web applications implementation
  • 4G LTE enabled with AT&T and Verizon certifications
  • Routing and VPN ready






Nexoforge – Driven to provide you with industrial grade automation solutions, Nexoforge develops cutting edge technologies from the ground up. Our work is the culmination of expertise in hardware design, software development, and integration in industrial automation.

Product Description: The NXF 2100 is a high performance DIN-rail fanless embedded system designed to operate in rugged work environments. Its cULus C1D2 certification, extended operating temperature range of -40 to 70°C, and array of connectivity options maximize the flexibility of this industrial grade IIoT solution.

Products Applications Features

NXF 2100







  • Industrial Automation and Control
  • IIoT and M2M
  • Edge of Network Management
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining and Aggregates
  • Manufacturing
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Data Concentrator and Remote Logger
  • Ignition Ready
  • MQTT Module Capable
  • Class 1 Division 2 Certification
  • Database Included
  • Plug and Play with All Software Pre-installed
  • Simple Remote Configuration
  • Repeatable Development Environment
  • Integrated Backup and Cloning
  • Extended Operating Temperature
  • ARM Processor With Low Power Consumption






Opto22 – Opto 22 was founded in 1974 by engineers who designed a better solid-state relay and chose to build it in a non-corporate, flat organization. Now, 40 years later, we’re still privately held, lean, and run by engineers.   Our flat organization fosters individual responsibility, quick response to customers’ needs, and fast development of cutting-edge products.

Products Applications Features

groov Gateway


Snap Pac Brains & I/O


  • Industrial control
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Data acquisition
  • Realtime Controls
  • Remote I/O
  • Plant Automation
  • IIoT & M2M
  • Sparkplug MQTT Enabled for connectivity to Inductive Automation Ignition Platform
  • Build your own mobile operator interface to monitor and control automation systems, OEM machines, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
  • Create a browser-based operator interface in minutes
  • No programming; just drag, drop, and tag Event logging and notifications
  • Security through TLS/SSL encryption and username/ password authentication
  • Brains – intelligent I/O processors for distributed control on Ethernet (wired and wireless) and serial networks
  • Analog I/O
  • Digital I/O
  • Serial I/O
  • Complete Solution for Easy Deployment






Tyrion – Tyrion Integration Services, Inc. is a young company yet its staff has a long history in the Oil and Gas business along with roots in Agriculture. The talented engineering staff at Tyrion provides turn-key SCADA solutions utilizing our very own product Nucleus coupled with MQTT and OPC UA for complete and efficient IIOT implementations. Tyrion Integration is also a gold certified Ignition Systems Integrator and Bedrock Automation Channel Partner. For process controls engineering, SCADA development, PLC programming and IIOT, Tyrion is a solid solution that specializes in customer satisfaction and timely implementations.

Product DescriptionNucleus is an industrial internet of things (IIoT) gateway with built-in external interfaces and I/O. Whether it be a 4-20 mA transmitter or pulling data from an OPC-UA server, your data can be exposed in real-time through the cloud or local interfaces.


Products Applications Features




  • IIoT and M2M Applications
  • Industrial IoT gateways
  • Plant Automation
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Control Systems
  • Cloud Ready
  • Ultimate Scalability
  • Lean and Fast with MQTT
  • Fully Customizable
  • 10 digital Inputs,5 digital outputs
  • 4 analog inputs
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • Cellular
  • MQTT (Cirrus-Link Sparkplug Std)
  • OPC UA