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MQTT Recorder Module

For years data has been created in PLC’s and RTU’s that represent a record of information such as a quantitative transaction record (QTR) from a flow computer. With the limitations of register based communication protocols this information has always been clumsily handled as consecutive blocks of registers. This method runs the risk of not keeping all the data together as a record event, when a partial subset of the registers get overwritten with a newer set of information. Today with the power of MQTT these records of data can be published, on event, as an immutable record which automatically builds and populates a table within a database. In addition this record can be time stamped and carry a SHA-256 Hash key that will guarantee that the entire contents of the record are unedited from source. The MQTT Recorder module receives these records and first automatically builds the database table, and then populates each record into the table as it is received.

Examples of the records are:

  • Oil & Gas –  EFM Quantitative Transaction Records (QTR’s), EFM Alarms, EFM Events, P’cards for Pump of Controllers
  • Pharmaceutical –  Batch records for drug manufacture
  • Transportation Industry-  Locomotive engine events

The diagram below shows an example of the record flow of data for the MQTT Recorder with the EFM Emerson ROC Module.  The EFM Emerson ROC module polls locally on Ignition or Ignition Edge Platform for the  events, alarms and history records on the flow computer.  MQTT transmission publishes the record to the MQTT Server. MQTT Engine on the Primary Ignition Gateway subscribes to the MQTT Server to receive the record.  The MQTT Recorder Module works in unison with the MQTT Engine module to receive the record and puts the record data into table within the SQL database.



The MQTT Recorder offer the following benefits:

  • Receives any RECORD object and creates the database table
  • Receives any RECORD object and populates the data within the database table
  • Records can be sent as an immutable object with a 256-SHA hash key for audit purposes
  • Works with all databases supported by Ignition

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