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Modernizing Electronic Flow Measurement with MQTT

By Arlen Nipper, President and CTO of Cirrus Link A short history of EFM In preparation for a discussion on modernizing Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM), let’s start with a quick look at its history. Back in 1980 I was at Amoco Oil, and EFM, or measuring how much oil and gas flows through a pipeline,…

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Simply Connect Ignition and AWS Greengrass for Machine Learning

Bridging the OT IT gaps is now easier using the tools offered by the Ignition Platform with the Cirrus Link MQTT Transmission Module and AWS’s Greengrass product offerings. The Ignition software from Inductive Automation is the industry leading SCADA/HMI platform, which utilizes the MQTT Transmission Module to securely send data using MQTT. AWS Greengrass is…

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Cirrus Link-Key-Role-Evolution-Edge- Device-MQTT

Digital Transformation Made Easy with Ignition and MQTT

Download the PDF here. Executive Summary The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has gained attention by progressive leaders and new trends are driving a need for change. Data scientists are now tasked with connecting to the factory floor in order to utilize Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Digital Transformation will lead to…

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IIoT Protocols: Comparing OPC UA to MQTT

The Internet expanded rapidly thanks to two technologies. First HTTP, a data exchange protocol, and then HTML, which was used to define the data sent by HTTP. Both technologies were needed, and the explosion of the Internet was made possible, and interoperable, by the uniform adoption of these common standards. Full Article click here

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